Pro-life? Want to save unborn children and their moms from abortion?

Many people want to “make a statement” about abortion. They think that the right facts, the right picture, the right protest, the right Facebook meme – these can’t help but change people’s thinking. If we tell enough people the truth, they will reject abortion entirely.

In fact, the polls show that the public’s thinking on abortion hasn’t changed since 1973, the year of Roe v. Wade.
(1) We simply have to admit that pro-life education and activism hasn’t "moved that needle."

The good news is that abortion numbers are going down. Along with pregnancy numbers in general, and teen pregnancies in particular, abortion numbers have declined since their peak in 1990.(2) Sexual activity by teens has also declined recently.

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So what has helped bring the numbers down? New state laws, such as those requiring parental notification, have helped, as has the closing of many abortion centers. From 2011 to 2015, states passed 288 pro-life laws.(3) The number of centers actually providing abortions has declined from 851 in 2008 to 730 in 2015.(4)

The other big factor in declining abortion numbers has been pregnancy medical centers. When women see their unborn children on the ultrasound screen there, the majority choose life. At the 1,300 locations of Heartbeat International, one of two large organizations of pregnancy help centers in the U.S., 160,000 babies were rescued from the threat of abortion in 2015 alone.(5)

In Allegheny County, the ratio of abortions to live births has gone down 20% from 2010, the year before we started advertising the local pregnancy medical centers, to 2015, the last year for which we have statistics.

If you want to make a difference, and not just a statement . . . help us advertise!

Advertising these centers is one of the most effective ways, if not the most effective way, to reduce abortion numbers.
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