Do you want to help a pregnant woman choose life for her child?

If she sees her unborn child on an ultrasound screen she will probably choose life for him or her. In Pittsburgh, the majority do.

Local pregnancy medical centers are equipped and ready to use a sonogram machine to show her baby to her. Crisis pregnancy hotlines and Web sites are ready to guide her to those life-saving centers. All we need is advertising.

Vision for Life, a local non-profit organization, presents life-saving media campaigns on television, the Web and other media, campaigns that connect abortion-vulnerable women to pregnancy medical centers, where most choose life. We also run ads that ask the viewer to think again about abortion. And finally, we reach out to women who have had abortions, so that they might find healing and forgiveness. To do this we need your help.

Close to 7,000 abortions are done in Allegheny County each year; together, we can make a difference -- and every life matters.

Our 2013 media campaign of Internet and television ads increased the number of appointments at local pregnancy medical centers by 20%. Our Fall 2014 Facebook campaign put our ads on over 50,000 screens of women 14-26 in the Pittsburgh area. Advertising is saving lives.