Do you want to help a pregnant woman choose life for her child?

Sometimes when a woman discovers she’s pregnant, she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t see a way forward. We want her to have a vision for her future that includes letting her baby live.

Though many women may be pressured to do what seems easiest, by a partner, or friends or circumstances, we foresee helping them make the right choice. We have a vision for life. Will you share it?

Most anxious, pregnant young women turn first to the Web for answers about their unplanned pregnancy – in the U.S. there are 6 million Web abortion-related searches every month! In response, Vision for Life is working with a national Internet marketing ministry and one of the local pregnancy medical centers. If you search “abortion” in Pittsburgh, at the top of the page you will see our ads. Even if you don’t click immediately on that link, ads for our Web page will appear on other Web pages that you surf. If you click the search result, or click on our ad, you will go to a simple, direct Web page, with a special phone number for the pregnancy medical center. We are tracking calls, appointments made and kept, and decisions for life. In the world of Web marketing, the response only gets better as the campaign goes on.

We are also using Internet advertising, quality television advertising, and posters to reach abortion-vulnerable women, in collaboration with another group of pregnancy medical centers.

In 2013 we ran 555 TV ad spots, had 962,299 Internet ad impressions, or views of our Internet ads for Women’s Choice Network, and had over a million ad impressions if we include our ads for Choices Pregnancy Services. A total of 2,090 phone calls or e-mails were made to the centers by women thinking about abortion. For our Annual Report, go here. To see what's happening with our current campaigns, follow us on Facebook.

Our fall 2012 campaign, from June to November 2012, generated 599 calls to pregnancy medical centers.
Our first ad campaign ran from December 27, 2010, to February 6, 2011. It may have contributed to the 12% reduction in abortion numbers in Ohio in 2011.
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