Media campaigns reach pregnant women and help them and their babies

Most anxious, pregnant young women turn first to the Web for answers about their unplanned pregnancy – in the U.S. there are 6 million Web abortion-related searches every month! In response, Vision for Life is working with a national Internet marketing ministry and local pregnancy medical centers. If you google “abortion” in Pittsburgh, at the top of the page you will see our ads. Even if you don’t click immediately on that link, ads for our Web page will appear on other Web pages that you surf. If you click the search result, or click on our ad, you will go to a simple, direct Web page, with a special phone number for a pregnancy medical center. (Our 2013 media campaign of Internet and television ads increased the number of appointments at local pregnancy medical centers by 20%.) We are tracking calls, appointments made and kept, and decisions for life. In 2015, our ads appeared over 330,000 times in response to Google searches for “abortion” and related terms, and generated 870 unique contacts with the pregnancy medical centers. In the world of Web marketing, the response only gets better as the campaign goes on.

We are also running Facebook ads directed to a much larger audience of young women in the Pittsburgh area, some of whom we assume are abortion-vulnerable or abortion-determined. On average, our ads appeared 30,000 times on unique Facebook timelines each month in 2015. Our Facebook page has over 1,000 “likes.” Most important, the ads directed to a general audience generated 10 unique contacts with pregnancy medical centers each month that year. We now have a page for men whose partners might be considering abortion, and generating contacts from that as well – 10 from January to May, 2016. Young women in Pittsburgh now know that the pregnancy medical centers are there for them.

We are now also advertising on Facebook for the post-abortion healing and recovery ministry, Broken Vessels group.


The result is that the numbers of abortions, and the ratios of abortions to live births in Allegheny County, have fallen over 20% since we began advertising in late 2010 (chart), and the birth rate in Allegheny County has risen slightly, while declining, on average, in PA's other counties (chart).

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